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September 2017

20 September at 12:15–13:00

Work Successfully as a Group on Assignments

Lecture Many of the assignments you will be required to complete at the University require you to work in a group. Working together in a group can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. This lecture will cover helpful strategies for building a positive group interaction.

22 September at 12:15–13:00

From a Topic to a Thesis Statement

Lecture A thesis statement can help you to organize your research. A working thesis statement helps to focus the search for information about your topic. That information will help you to determine what research questions need to be addressed. This lecture walks you through the stages of coming up with a topic to what are the research questions.

22 September at 17:00–21:00

Art Friday!

Other After-work activities with art and open bar. Guest DJs are Nomis, August, Armas and Jätten from the DJ collective Liquid Sky. A “Walk and Talk” through the exhibitions for those who likes to talk with others about art.

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